Windows Shell Extension for Apple .M4A Music Files

Copyright 2008, Andrew Fiddian-Green

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Are you an iTunes user? If so then you probably noticed that Windows does not provide much information or integration for Apple's .m4a music files. Would you like to see the music file properties for .m4a files in the columns and details pane of Windows Explorer? Would you like to see the Album Artwork in Windows Explorer? Would you like Windows to provide indexing and searching on your .m4a music file properties? If so, then this is a "Shell Extension" (add in) for Microsoft Windows Explorer that does just that.

Download the Setup program to install the shell extension in Windows here

Screen Shots: (for Windows XP screenshots go here)

Details Pane

Explorer Columns

Cover Artwork

Integration in Windows Search

File Open Dialog

Current Version

The current version is v1.0.13.449 dated 2009-04-17 see details below.

Revision History

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Further Development:

Perhaps I will extend the library to handle other music file types; possible candidates are .mp4, .m4b and .m4v; please inform me if you have a concrete interest in these or other (MPEG-4) file types.


Windows Shell Extension for .M4A music files:


January 20, 2010

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